Saturday, 26 February 2011

Le Bossu

Has anyone ever seen Le Bossu starring Daniel Auteuil? I love this film and I was watching it last night when I was making a new necklace and now whenever I look at the finished trinket, it reminds me of scenes from the film! The story is about a French noble who is murdered by his cousin (for money, of course) and before he dies, he begs his friend to avenge him and to save his baby daughter. Without giving away the ending, you can probably guess that this is a wonderful set up for a tale of revenge, swordplay and adventure. Le Bossu means 'the hunchback' and at one point, the protagonist dresses up as a hunchback to try to find out who killed his friend. I would love to read the book Le Bossu but alas I don't read French and I don't think it has ever been translated into English. I will have to content myself with Alexandre Dumas and Airman by Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer (which owes a lot to The Count of Monte Cristo but is still a great read) if I want swash and buckles!

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