Monday, 23 January 2012

A little bit in love with Sherlock!

A very belated Happy New Year everyone!

I haven't blogged in a long time because I've been writing my first essay for my masters in the History of Britain. Very daunting and I have been mildly guilty of what I like to call 'productive procrastination' during the period when I've desperately needed a break from studying the actions of women in the English civil war! I've been trying to get back into portraiture. I used to draw a lot (usually people from films and television because 'real' people sometimes get upset with how you depict them!) so given the fact that Sherlock became the highlight of my week recently, I thought I'd try painting Benedict Cumberbatch.

Here is the result of my 'productive procrastination'...

It kind of looks like him and I don't think it's awful for a first attempt at using watercolours. I'm definitely going to need more practice though!

I've decided that a new year needs new designs and now that I've finally submitted my essay, I'm trying to work out what these new designs might entail. I think that dark fairytales will feature and I'm working on more layered pieces that will include lockets and secret compartments and moveable components. This may be a bit ambitious given my limited resources but I'd like to make more intricate pieces. I will also be taking inspiration from Tudor and Stuart portraiture, particularly miniatures so I will experiment and post some of my attempts in due course. Think Elizabeth I and Anne of Denmark!

Anyway, getting back to what's really important... how do you think Sherlock Holmes survived his fall?!!!

I'm sure there's an elementary explanation.