Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Packaging for Christmas!

I do have particular gift boxes that I usually like to use but I thought I'd shake it up for the festive season this year with some ribbons and pretty new boxes.
I have been very pleased with what I bought from the delightful Fast Running Fox shop on etsy and thought I'd send out a recommendation! The shipping was very fast and everything was beautifully packaged, something that I can definitely boast of my jewellery this year! What I really like about the boxes is that with a little ribbon, they can even be hung on a Christmas tree so they are practically ornaments in themselves! :-)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Things that I am working on

Well, I am diligently ignoring the fact that I really should be doing my tax return or studying history and thought I'd put some photos up of the two things that will occupy my time today. One is a lovely silver locket that I bought the other day and have cleaned. I'd love to do something special with it perhaps using the new natural emerald rondelle beads that I bought the other day but I have run out of silver wire for the moment :-(
The other is a sterling silver tree branch component that I have soldered a squirrel onto. It has taken me forty minutes to drill a hole in the other side of the branch so that it can be made into a pendant but it should look quite nice once it's all put together.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My New Favourite Etsy Shop

Given the amount of time I spend searching etsy for unusual little trinkets, I thought it might be nice to promote fellow artisans in my blog so this will the first of my recommendations (I'm sure there will be many more!)
I rather love this hand drawn badge from Elizabeth Pawle Illustration. Just the right amount of quirky cute and a British based designer too so very fast shipping!

I have purchased one of her original drawings
as a little present to myself but I am strongly contemplating getting a few Christmas presents from her shop over the next month or so.

What etsy/folksy shops make you smile? :-)

P.S. All photographs copyright of Elizabeth Pawle Illustrations.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

New Autumn / Winter Designs 2011

What with moving, starting a masters in the History of Britain (that I am supposed to be doing the reading for at this very moment!) and working full time, I am finding it quite difficult to make anything new in terms of jewellery but somehow I have managed to list a few new things in my shop this weekend and I thought I would put some photos of the new designs up for your perusal.
The setting for this citrine is the first claw type setting that I have ever made and although it took me about two hours, I am rather proud that it not only fits the stone but keeps it in place securely!
This is my extremely geeky homage to Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre. The recent film version, which should be still on at the cinemas is very good if you fancy a night out!
This buckle dating from 1901 is an exquisite example of pierced and engraved silver and looks lovely with the ethereal silvery grey pearls and fancy pearl set clasp.
My homage to Autumn and red squirrels, which I went to see in the wild the other day on Brownsea Island, has watermelon tourmaline beads paired with a gorgeous pink tourmaline cabochon set in another handmade setting with acorn detail on the reverse.
And finally, there are four of these adorable little mother of pearl buttons with carved deer and fir tree design. They are available in pink, blue, yellow and purple.

I have also booked two crafts fairs, one on the 12th November and the other on the 10th December and will give you all the details as soon as I receive the flyers.

Phew! Now back to Eric Hobsbawm and the English Revolution. I'm trying not to be biased (like every good historian) but I already know that I would have been a Royalist!

This is one of my favourite portraits in the National Portrait Gallery because it has charming and slightly ghoulish transparent overlays that chart the life and death of Charles I and it is particularly impressive that they have survived.