Monday, 25 November 2013

Save Van Dyck's Self-Portrait for the nation

The National Portrait Gallery and the Art Fund are currently running a campaign to purchase this extraordinary self-portrait by Sir Anthony Van Dyck. 

The government has placed a temporary export bar on the work, as it has been sold to a private collector overseas and they have eight months to raise 12.5 million in order to keep this treasure for the nation. 

You can contribute to the fund here and find out more about the campaign in the video below.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Stop Motion Animation

I have started an evening course in stop motion animation. So far I am really enjoying it and am surprised that I haven't tried it before! I haven't really managed to animate anything on my own yet but I am saving up to buy dragonframe and a proper camera so that I can try to make my own film.

I have been watching a lot of stop motion films recently to try to work out what can be done and what I might like to attempt myself.

The Gravedigger's Tale, directed by Min Young Oh caught my eye. The gravedigger leads a solitary existence but her loneliness is soothed by a haunting melody that floats from the edge of the forest.She is serenaded by death and this is their story. The trailer is below:

You can find out more about the production designer Olivia Muggleton's work here. I think the use of light is exceptionally beautiful. I hope you enjoy the trailer!