Wednesday, 16 February 2011

He's Got a Hot Ear

I shop a LOT on etsy and have many favourited shops but I don't always buy everything that I want because then the fine balance that I tread between solvency and bankruptcy would be forever disturbed and I would literally get buried alive by beads. However, when this little ring popped up on the very handy but slightly evil 'other items from your favourite sellers' part of etsy, I was forced to purchase it straight away! If, like me, you are a big fan of Japanese Anime and slightly odd usually sci-fi inspired characters then I think you will LOVE Lovely Ruthie. She creates chibi-fied versions of our favourite characters from books and the silver screen or goggle box and brings them to life in the form of kitsch, very reasonably priced little trinkets!

I bought the Gene Hunt earrings for my friend for Christmas and they were awesome so I had no qualms about purchasing this little Moss ring from the IT Crowd. As you can see, he is pretty darned special (in a very good way!) so why not go forth and buy your favourite character? Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Ban Midou and Ginji from Getbackers... the possibilities are endless!

If you haven't seen the IT Crowd, it is available from Channel 4OD here.

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  1. Whoohoo! You are the stuff of legend :) Just to let people know if they use the code SALVATORE at checkout they can get 10% off & if they mention you in a note when buying...I'll send you a freebie!