Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Monty Python Live

So it was very last minute but the other night I managed to get a ticket to see Monty Python Live at the O2! I was really lucky. My friend had a spare ticket and so even though I failed in my initial attempts to get a ticket (I think they sold out in 40 seconds originally!), I managed to see the legends of comedy that are Monty Python. 

They performed all of the famous sketches. 

The Lumberjack Song...

 The Spanish Inquisition...

The Dead Parrot...

The whole stage looked like a Japanese print (although that may have been the angle I was sitting at!)

I'm a huge fan of Terry Gilliam and particularly of his animations so it was really cool to see him on stage. Here is a reminder of how brilliant his animations are:

I was wondering if I could make some Monty Python themed jewellery. Although I'm not sure I could top these Holy Grail themed cufflinks by British designer Chris Parry.

Just brilliant!

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