Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ceramics for Beginners - How to Make a Vase Part Two

This week I attended the second part of my ceramics course.

Happily my vase did not crack in the kiln! It has been fired to 1000°C. This is called biscuit firing and is a two part process, leaving the clay porous and ready to accept the glaze.

I tested the process of dipping clay into glaze using my test piece. The green glaze will have a pink hue when it is fired. The white patch will have a natural clay colour with white speckles.

For the inside of my vase, I poured a blue green glaze into the vase and swirled it around inside quickly. It is essential not to let the glaze get too thick.

I then dipped the vase upside down (bunny first) into a white glaze, which was pretty thick. This was just one dip.

I tried sponging on the blue green glaze near the base of the vase for extra detail. It is ready to be fired again. I get to collect it on Monday. Hopefully it will survive the second firing process!!!

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