Monday, 11 January 2010

Moon Bunnies

I had this quite random idea for a little tiny rabbit sitting on a crescent moon contemplating the vastness of space... Here are a few sketches showing how I tried to get the right proportions for my design and the (almost) finished article. The other photos show a single bunny with a hammered texture moon and two bunnies with a shooting star.

I've written a little ditty to include in my item descripton for when I put this up for sale...

The bunny who lived on the moon
First arrived on a shooting star
When he looked down to check out the view
He realised he’d travelled quite far

I'm playing around with the design to make a Valentines Day version that incorporates a heart. I have had to keep the two little bunnies and shooting star pendant for myself! :)


  1. That looks lovely! Can't wait to see it finished. Also, reminds me of this: :)

  2. Oh cool!!! I didn't know there was any kind of actual myth and folklore behind it! That will give me something else to mention in my item descriptions, thank you! I've added a few more photos to show the polished versions. I'm also working on a valentines version that I hope will be extremely cute! :)

  3. I love reading peoples blogs and seeing how their ideas end up as final pieces, they are really pretty.

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