Sunday, 17 January 2010

Castle with a Sapphire Moat

In preparation for my trip to Libertys I have been feverishly making jewellery ALL WEEKEND! I feel this strange sense of responsibility when I buy sheet silver because I have so many design ideas I worry that I am choosing the wrong thing to make. When you can essentially make anything, it is difficult to decide what will be best but I'm glad that this has turned out quite well.

I have spent all day today making this pendant. It is a stylized castle with three blue sapphires sporadically arranged to create the idea of a moat full of water. It needs a bit more polishing and I haven't decided whether to use chain or beads to finish the necklace off. I will wait for inspiration to hit to decide that. I have had to stop work on it now because I realized that I had been sitting in the same position for several hours and I thought it might be better to finish it when I'm less irritable! Also, I can't really saw, solder or drill past 10 p.m. without keeping people awake! Still, I definitely think it's my best creation so far technically speaking and my flat mates have all been very positive about it.

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  1. I love your jewellery! Good luck at Libertys :D