Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adventures in Jewellery Making Week Three

This week required some serious patience and concentration! Not sure if I’m that impressed by my sawing efforts but that is entirely my own fault as I was far too eager to get everything cut out and finished quickly. Sawing is ok except when you reach a corner. Then it is awful because it is extremely easy to snap the saw blade if you try to turn too quickly and it’s quite difficult to get the corners perfectly straight. Filing is not really a cure all option once you’ve finished sawing so it is best to take your time and get the sawing perfect. The little castles that I ended up cutting out are really cute though and I have kept them for my sketchbook!

Good news is I am ready to anneal, which basically means heat the metal until it becomes more malleable and can be shaped using a ring mandrel. There is acid involved in this process to remove the oxidised finish on the metal so next week should be interesting… very interesting! Apparently the acid is why people should wear aprons.

I have been given the instruction sheet for my next project and we’ve been advised on what materials to buy so a trip to Bellore on the weekend is in order methinks. I am going to buy some basic tools and silver sheet because I don’t go there very often and I will have been paid. Also I want them and I know what I’m like. If there’s something I want to do and have enthusiasm for it’s best to pursue it…!

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