Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adventures in Jewellery Making Week Six

I have made my silver ring all shiny! This pleases me a bit too much and I can tell that I will always covet a high shine finish in my creations instead of a brushed, matt finish!

Most of this week was spent making a stencil design of two figures on a stage out of thick paper. This stencil, when placed on top of a sheet of annealed metal and sent through a rolling mill, will cause a relief design to be imprinted onto the sheet. I tried it using copper, which wasn’t entirely successful because the stencil needs to be tougher so I will use card for the stencil to be used on the silver. There is a fabulous imprint though so I am definitely on the right track and my next lesson should be very productive! This stage will be made into a pendant and there will be a stone set onto it so that I can learn how to create a stone setting using bezel wire.

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