Saturday, 13 September 2014

AW14 Designs

 These photos showcase my new bracelet designs for AW14:

The idea of combining distinctive fabric ribbons with precious charms was in part inspired by the tradition of foundling tokens, which form part of The Foundling Museum Collection in London. Parents that were unable to care for their children and had to place them at the Foundling Hospital would leave swatches of fabric from their clothing or a silver charm or even a coin for the child to remember them by. It's a very moving place to visit and indicates how precious simple items such as a ribbon can be. 

The sari ribbon used for the bracelets is Fair trade and made in India from silk waste (sari material offcuts), which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites. The ribbons are purchased from women's co-operatives in India allowing the women to work from home and earn their own income from their craft.

The bracelet can be worn in different ways making a feature bow worn on the wrist or a double knot tucked underneath the rest of the fabric. I will be making several variations over the next few weeks.

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