Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to Make a Fire Demon Earring: Part One

Using my new jewellery making set, I decided to experiment and see what effects I could get from stamping the various tools onto 0.5 mm silver. You pass the steel rod through the opening at the top of the metal stamper. Pre-heat the metal to make it more malleable and cool it by plunging it in cold water. Then, position the stamp over the silver sheet and give it a whack with a hammer (I used a 16oz hammer, which is pretty heavy with a long handle so that it would make a decent impression!)
The effect of having a tiny raised dot and compressed outer ring looked like an eye to me and as I have been watching my Studio Ghibli dvds again recently, I thought it was a perfect excuse to make a little Calcifer fire demon from Howl's Moving Castle!
I cut around the eyes free hand to make the flame ball shape and drilled a small hole for the mouth, passing a saw blade through to make the smile shape.
To be continued...

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