Friday, 21 January 2011

Just what everyone needs... a Fortune Cookie trinket box!

How wonderful the postman is to bring me such a lovely random thing on this fair morn!

Apart from the fact that I am very pleased that I was in to answer the door, (thus preventing the hideous trek to the Post Office depot to collect this parcel) it is always nice to receive something shiny and wondrous at the start of the day!
I have no idea why I coveted this so much on or what I will do with it really but I have lovingly polished the silver plating and popped it in a zip up bag for the moment to protect it. I'm wondering whether it has some sort of magical ability to bring good fortune like The Queen's Nose or Aladdin's lamp? The Made in China sticker inside dampens this possibility but perhaps if I write something on a little slip of paper and place it inside that thing will come to pass? Gold coins could start appearing by the bucket load, a wonderful commission could drop into my lap and pay for me to go on holiday or Johnny Depp could come into my place of work and say hello!

I think I'll try it and will report back if anything happens, although if a genie pops out and grants me three wishes I may be too busy travelling the world to let you know! ;-D

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