Saturday, 6 February 2010

A no from Liberty

Just to let people know, after an epic four and a half hours queuing WITHOUT COFFEE(!!!) I got a no from the buyers at Liberty.

I did see Theo Paphitis though! :)


  1. Sorry to hear that Sarah :( I do admire your guts for giving it a go though! Did you get his autograph? :D

  2. I didn't! I've just posted a photo of him talking to the camera though! :)

  3. Theo Profiterole! Love him! Haha!

    Am sorry you didn't get through, your jewellery is beautiful.

    Amanda x

  4. Sorry you didnt get through, your jewellerys beautiful!! x

  5. Theo Profiterole! That should be his name!

    C'est la vie about the Liberty thing. I was quite upset but more because I'd spent so long making everything and the buyer only looked at one item. Not the right place for my stuff but at least now I know what big business expects!!!