Monday, 30 November 2009

Adventures in Jewellery Making Week Eight

I soldered the bezel wire onto my stage pendant and it worked out pretty well. It was a case of using borax as normal and cutting lots of tiny scraps of hard solder and placing them on the inside edge of the bezel wire so that when the solder melted it fused the stone setting into place beautifully. I have then had to file the top most edges of the setting so that when I set the stone, the metal will fold over easily and keep it in place. I have been trying to decide what stone to use amethyst or labradorite. It will likely be a case of me going out to find the beads for the chain part of my necklace first so that I can then make a final decision on the stone for the actual pendant. I have pierced a scroll type pattern into the silver to add more interest on the final piece and this has worked out well. Next week I will set the stone…

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